Main aspects and priority of international relations of the University is to increase below mentioned spheres:

  • To make relations between higher educational institutions, scientific and social organizations, agencies and different funds of the World;
  • To develop and increase international cooperation with Ministries, local and foreign organizations, NGO’s and donor organizations;
  • To support outgoing academic and administrative staff, researcher and students for international exchanges on a mutual bases. To prepare suitable educational area for incoming foreign staff and students;
  • To give information and support documentation of both academic staff and students of the University for foreign research and education activity;
  • To find and share new educational opportunities for students and teaching staff of the University;
  • To support printing and publishing articles in foreign languages for the sake of the international recognition in the preparation of well-educated experts;
  • To prepare temporary reports, SWOT, PEST analyses and find new ways for improvement of international relations of the University;
  • Welcoming official delegations at the University life;

To develop and increase mutual agreements, memorandum of understanding (MOU), and to give logistic support to officials of the University for international visits.