Feedback from students of the “Course on Mediation”

Dilbar Aliyeva

Mediation was an unexpected turning point for me. In fact, after participating in the Erasmus + MEDIATS project in the Netherlands, I realized that mediation creates new horizons in people’s lives. The two-week mediation training at NLBA in Dordrecht gave me basic knowledge and skills. And, of course, thanks to our mentors Jan Van Zwieten, Gea Van Klompenburg, Marjon Kuiper I learned a lot of precious information and skills. It was an honor to get that training from such professional mediators.

Through this training, I learned the importance of not only theory but also practice.

After the mediation training, I felt that I had changed a lot. Even in my daily life, I began to analyze things from a different horizon. That training boosted my self-confidence and taught me to approach problems from a different perspective. In a conclusion, I am pretty sure that what I have learned in the MEDIATS project will play an important role in my future career.

We started training on the Mediation program at Ganja State University in August. After finishing this course successfully, I decide to apply for the Erasmus+ MEDIATS project. At last, I was one of the members of the Erasmus+ project. It was held at NLBA in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Mediation course was held by Jan Van Zwieten, Gea Van Klompenburg, Marjon Kuiper. It was a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and knowledge from professional mediators.

Approaching each mediation as a potential lesson will undoubtedly improve my skills. When I have taken time to reflect on mediation, I have almost always learned something that was valuable in my later practice. We can learn from each mediation. We can also learn about what works and what does not work in our practice. Thanks to this project, I have developed my viewpoint a lot. I met different people from different countries and learned their thoughts on mediation.

Narmin Mammadzade

Nigar Piriyeva

Before going to the Netherlands, I didn’t have enough information about mediation. My level of mediation was very basic. l took a mediation course at Ganja State University. After that, I was lucky because l heard about Erasmus + Mediation project and l applied for it. It was a great chance for learning mediation deeply from professionals. It was at NBLA in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

After this project, my life absolutely changed. Owing to Jan Van Zwieten, Gea Van Klompenburg, Marjon Kuiper, l developed my knowledge of mediation, they had a great impact on me. I didn’t just obtain knowledge about mediation, I also found out myself, discovered my character and my interests, and also began to understand people and people’s opinions. The knowledge that l gained in a short period, plays the main role in my life, and also it will assist in my future career. Also, l met with lots of valuable people who are experts in the world on mediation.

As we know, mediation is new in Azerbaijan as in other countries. For a long time, I was looking for a second interesting profession. I soon became interested in this field. As a result, I attended a course about mediation at our University. I’ve owned some skills there, then I applied the Erasmus+ project.

Finally, I was one of the members of the Erasmus+ project. It was at NBLA in Dordrecht, Netherlands. We went to the Netherlands, the homeland of mediation, with the Erasmus+ project. The project taught us the depths of Mediation. The teaching methods were excellent. We have experienced everything we have learned. It was clear to me how important is practice in the learning process. I finished that training successfully. At the end of this training, I was awarded the “International Counselor of Mediation” diploma.

Mediation was held by Jan Van Zwieten, Gea Van Klompenburg, Marjon Kuiper. They were really qualified and professional ones. In addition, the hospitality of Dutch people fascinated me. They were very kind to us.

Besides education, the project gave us more life experience. By the way, traveling to Europe was my dream. We visited 5 cities in the Netherlands. I was fascinated by the mysterious channels and magnificent nature of this place. Erasmus+ projects gave us great opportunities such as traveling the wonderful country and a high level of education.

Telli Mammadova

Mustafa Huseynov

We are inspired by meaningful and productive meetings, the transfer of experience, and knowledge that give us very crucial mediation skills. After learning about mediation, I applied for a Mediation course at the University. After completing the course, the organizers say that the students who succeeded in the course will participate in the internship in the Netherlands. I was among the selected candidates and it made me very excited.

So we went to the Netherlands to participate in an internship. During the training in the Netherlands, I had the opportunity to meet and participate in the lessons of many experienced and valuable people in the field of mediation. During the course, we were taught many issues in the field of mediation through simulations. During the course, we were taught many issues in the field of mediation through simulations. Most importantly, many pieces of training were held on the culture of mediation and human behavior and the rules of proper organization of the mediation process. At the end of the course, I took part in the exams. As a result, I achieved the highest result offered by the Netherland Business Academy and was awarded the International Mediator Diploma. One of the most important things I learned in the course was that Mediation can be applied to many issues, including business conflicts. In the future, I want to represent the field of mediation at the local level, as well as at the international level.