Ganja State University (GSU) has joined the European Commission’s Erasmus + Program for Training and Society Transformation (MEDIATS) to promote the values of mediation in Azerbaijani society.

Director of Innovations Department Vasif Hasanov reported to media and public relations services that many foreign countries use alternative methods to resolve disputes more effectively.

One of such alternative non-judicial dispute resolution method is mediation. During mediation, a third party, acting as a mediator facilitates discussions with two or more parties and consents to a solution. Mediation is used to resolve disputes in a variety of areas, such as legal, diplomatic, employment, community and family issues.

Vasif Hasanov said that the goal of the international project is to make universities a driving force in the field of mediation and to improve the objective solution of problems using European experience in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ukraine.

Specific objectives of the project include the preparation and implementation of a master’s degree in mediation, the establishment of a federation, the development of mediation values in society in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ukraine.
It was noted that the project is aimed at training experienced mediation specialists. To this end, the project participants will learn the best European practices, select staff, and develop a master’s program in the field of mediation. A mediation federation will also be established to disseminate the values of mediation, propose changes to the legislation, and liaise with stakeholders such as ministries and courts.