05-06 of November 2022 GSU Project team members organized the International Highlight Event in Ganja due to EU funded MEDIATS Project where the dissemination and promotion of mediation values and its transformation to the Society performed to the broader audience due to a hybrid seminar. Regarding the program activities the project partners Prof. Jan Van Zwieten from Netherlands Business Academy (Netherlands), Prof. Dana Rone from Turiba University (Latvia), and Prof. Maria Mendez Rocasolano from UCAM Murcia (Spain) supported the dissemination event with their valuable practices with virtual presentations on the different aspects of mediation and its promotion. On behalf of the Azerbaijan Mediation Council, Ms. Sima Yagubova deputy of the Chairman of the Mediation Council also made a presentation on mediation transformation and its role in the national society and also Jeyhun Mammadov (Khazar University) and Malak Karimova (Khazar University) made a project based presentation to the audience. Besides, local mediation organizations such as Mediation Center N1 and Mediation Center N15, independent lawyers and mediators, and also staff and students of Ganja State University joined the seminar with both online and face-to-face formats. 

After finalizing the presentations, the introduction of the GSU Mediation Center to the guest had been made by Ruslan Mammadov, head of the Mediation Center of GSU. Afterward, on 06 November 2022, GSU Project team members and some of the event’s participants visited the main campus of Ganja State University. Following,  a visit to the Bureau of Lawyers N1 and to the Mediation Center N1 of Ganja city had been organized. During the meeting with the Mediation Center N1 of Ganja city initial agreement on further cooperation had been agreed.