Ganja State University has presented the MEDIATS project of the European Commission Erasmus + program, which is coordinated by the Netherlands Academy of Business.

At the Scientific Council, chaired by the Rector of Ganja State University, Professor Yusif Yusibov, on October 28, Director of the Innovation Department, Vasif Hasanov, provided information on the objectives of the MEDIATS project. It is noted that in many foreign countries, alternative methods of dispute resolution are used for more effective resolution of disputes. One of such alternative non-judicial dispute resolution methods is mediation.

Ganja State University has joined the European Commission’s Erasmus + Program for Training and Society Transformation (MEDIATS) to promote the value of community mediation in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The aim of the project is to turn universities into a leading force in the field of mediation and improve the objective resolution of conflicts by utilizing European experience in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. The project involves the training of experienced mediation specialists. To this end, the project participants will learn best European practices, select and train the staff, and prepare a master’s degree program in mediation.