GSU Team made promotion and reporting of EU granted MEDIATS Project

Ganja State University (GSU) team continuing the implementation of the European Commission’s Erasmus + Program for Training and Society Transformation (MEDIATS) to promote the values of mediation in Azerbaijani society” project.

On January 24-28, 2022 international highlight event and project steering meeting had been held with the support of the co-coordinator of the Project, by Krok University in Kiev, Ukraine.

First phase of the event dedicated to the dissemination values and promotion of the Project for the wider audience. The event had been lively broadcasting online, too. Presentation were presented regarding the current situation and best practices of the mediation by different project partners, such as: Netherlands Business Academy (Netherlands), Turiba University (Latvia), Catholic University of San Antonio (Spain), Karazin Kharkov National University (Ukraine), Krok University (Ukraine), Chernivtsi National University (Ukraine), Ilia State University (Georgia), Batumi State University (Georgia) and stake holders: National Erasmus Office in Ukraine, individual experts from Germany and Ukraine.

It should be noted that two higher education institutions of our country, only Khazar University and Ganja State University, participate in the MEDIATS – “Mediation: Training and Society Transformation” project. At the international event, Chairman of the Qualification Commission of the Mediation Council in Azerbaijan Gasim Shaliyev also made a presentation on “Development of mediation in Azerbaijan” and informed the conference participants about the establishment and development stages of the mediation institute in Azerbaijan.

The event was attended by employees of Ganja State University: Director of the Innovations Department Vasif Hasanov and Head of the International Relations Department Ruslan Mammadov. Ruslan Mammadov and Vasif Hasanov made a presentation about the implementation of the project and mediation activities of Ganja State University.

In the second phase of the project, there had been a project steering meeting which our abovementioned employees made a presentation of financial reporting of the project and it had been accepted by Project Consortium. Feedbacks and advices also provided by EU experts. Azerbaijani delegation found an opportunity to visit “Azerbaijan Center” at Krok University which had been established by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ukraine.    

It should be mentioned that Ganja State University opened “Mediation Center” and intensive course for providing support on mediation in Azerbaijan.