On April 21, 2020, an online meeting was held with Galina Bogachenko and Andrey Lotaryev, representatives of KROK University, the Project Coordinator from Ukraine within the framework of the MEDIATS project. Project teams of Ganja State University and Khazar University participated in the meeting that was held via the ZOOM platform.

During the meeting, Ganja State University was represented by Vasif Hasanov, the director of the department of innovations, Asif Hasanov, head of ICT office, Ruslan Mammadov, head of international relations office, and Razim Aliyev, head of technology transfer office.

During the online meeting, extensive discussions were held around the preparation, publication of mediation-related materials within the framework of the project, and opening of a master’s degree. Moreover, coordinating the university’s experience in this field was conveyed to the meeting participants. Some of the work to be implemented further within the project was touched upon and the topic of the next online meeting was identified.

It is worth mentioning that representatives of Khazar University, another Azerbaijani partner of the project also attended the online meeting with the coordinator.