As part of the MEDIATS project of the European Commission’s Erasmus + program, which Ganja State University participates in, meetings were held at the Catholic University of San Antonio in Murcia, Spain.

İt should be noted that the main goal of the MEDIATS project is to transform universities into a leading force in the field of mediation, using European experience in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine to improve the pre-trial resolution of conflicts.

The event was attended by employees of Ganja State University: Head of Education Department Elturan Yusifov, Rector Advisor Ilgar Kubishev, Head of Information Technology Department Asif Hasanov, Head of International Relations Department Ruslan Mammadov and Head of Innovation Technology Transfer and Marketing Department Razim Aliyev. Representatives from ten universities of six countries came together and participated in the third meeting of the project “Mediation – Training and Transformation of Society” (MEDIATS).

As it was mentioned, the trainings were conducted in two sections parallelly. A group of employees participated in educational practice meetings. During these meetings, our employees discussed the implementation of mediation policy in Spain, the establishment of a master’s program in mediation and the establishment of federation for mediation in Azerbaijan. During the training days held in Russian and English, participants took a visit to the College of Lawyers of the Murcia Region and the Ministry of Justice of the Murcia Region. As a result of the training, our co-workers Elturan Yusifov and Ilgar Kubishev were awarded international certificates. Part of the training was dedicated to an intensive workshop. After a week-long workshop, participants were awarded international diplomas by examining the experience of three countries (the Netherlands, Latvia and Spain). It is gratifying that three employees of our University scored high on the exams and were awarded diplomas jointly developed by the International Federation of Mediation and the Netherlands Academy of Business.